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Get to Know RS Vile Blooms with up to $18 voucher for rs gold on Rsorder

A group of high-level Slayer monsters, RS Vile Blooms, has been released in game with the Land Out of Time update. You could find Devil’s Snare, Luminous snaggler, Lampenflora and Liverwort on Anachronia island.

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Devil’s Snare with level 90 Slayer required

Requiring level 90 Slayer to kill, RuneScape Devil’s Snare is found in the south-east area of Anachronia. They use long-range melee attacks which can deal high damage. If the player takes too long to kill one, the Devil’s snare will snare the player similar to Telos, the Warden's tendril attack and deal rapid amounts of damage.

Luminous snaggler with level 95 Slayer required

Requiring level 95 Slayer to kill, RuneScape Luminous snaggler is found on western Anachronia. They use highly damaging magic attacks. Periodically throughout the battle they will release three green spores in the air; one on the player's current tile and two near them.

Lampenflora with level 102 Slayer required

Requiring level 102 Slayer to kill, RuneScape Lampenflora is found at the Asciatops grounds. Lampenflora will deal six simultaneous hits against the player, with each hit dealing up to 600 damage. If the player takes too long to kill the Lampenflora, then it will summon eight unattackable Lampenflora, each one healing it for 100 health per tick.

Liverwort with level 110 Slayer required

Requiring level 110 Slayer to kill, RuneScape Liverwort is the strongest of the vile blooms. They use ranged attacks against the player. If the player is too slow in killing the Liverwort, then it drags the player next to it, stunning and binding them for 4 seconds while shooting out three spores in front of it. The spores close in on the liverwort within the allotted time, and will damage the player for 1,368 poison damage.

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Date Listed: 11-07-2019

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